My capstone project for the Digital Animation and Game Design program at Ferris State University went live this weekend on the Amazon App Store!!

After 238 hours of development, version 0.1.6 of my “collection” of casual billiard games was ready to see the light of day. The Amazon review process was painless. I upload my binary Saturday evening (30 November 2013) and the app went live overnight. The first day I had FIVE customers!

The game is by no means finished at this point. (It’s just consumable.) But, I’ve met my initial goals; to have a playable Android game, built with publicly licensed technology (including Unity and Blender), published to a major app store (Amazon).


This experience has given me more confidence that bigger and better things are possible! But, I don’t want to abandon CueSport. Since this was a great learning experience for me, I would like to share it with my cohorts in the DAGD program at Ferris.

This will serve several purposes. First, customers will see the game grow and evolve both visually and functionally (a win for them!). Second, students from various disciplines can work on a published game and add that experience to their portfolio (a win for them!). Finally, I can begin work on my next project and see where that leads!

CueSport EnvironmentCueSport Environment

Speed Model


Magnifying Glass
This began as a speed model in 3ds Max. After the initial half hour, I kept going back to it cleaning it up and playing with the lighting and rendering. Ultimately, I spent about five and a half hours working on it. Pretty quick for a portfolio piece!